Piling and Underpinning Specialists Ltd.

Piling, underpinning and foundations specialists.

Based in Cornwall and Devon but cover the whole of the UK.

Piling and Underpinning Specialist has 40 years of experience in improving homes

and managing underground solutions and projects. 

We are based in South West of England, but do cover whole of the UK. 

We focus mainly on Underpinning, Piling and have been working on domestic and commercial grounds, repairing and rescuing subsiding buildings, making foundations and underpinning on a number of different sites and surfaces. 

We specialise in Mundic foundation removal in Cornwall.

We aim to keep to a tight budget, and deliver the highest quality of service. 

Please feel free to contact us for any further information or enquiries.

We can deal with any underground project you have.

Our Services

Foundation Underpinning by Piling and Underpinning Specialists

Underpinning is a process used to strengthen the foundations of an existing structure or building providing additional support for existing or future loads.

Reinforced Foundations Piling and Underpinning Specialists Ltd

A reinforced foundation

is used to support structural loads under new builds. These are made of fully reinforced concrete materials.

Reinforced Slab Foundations by Piling and Underpinning Specialists

These are slabs of reinforced concrete that cover large surface areas, and normally the entire footprint of the building. This approach spreads the structural load over the entire area.

Piled Foundations Piling and Underpinning Specialists Ltd

Piled foundations are deep foundation’s which are formed by cylinders of concrete and steel.

These are calculated by our in house engineer.

Screw Piling services by Piling and Underpinning Specialists

Screw piles are a type of deep foundation that can be installed quickly with minimal noise and vibration. Screw piles are wound into the ground, much like a screw is wound into wood.

Reinforced Slab Foundations for sprinkler tanks by Piling and Underpinning Specialists jun-2021

We specialise in Commercial Reinforced Slab Foundations to support Sprinkler System Water Tanks. Our Foundations are built to the current regulations and standards.


ODEX piling (Overburden Drilling EXcentric) is a drilling method used for drilling through boulders and rock. This method of piling is always preferable when drilling into solid rock ground.

Mundic blocks removal by Piling and Underpinning Specialists

Mundic is comprised of waste mining material mixed with aggregates, such as beach sand. Mundic in foundation often referred to as Mundic Blocks is also know as Concrete cancer.

We can successfully remove this from your property, and replace it with new concrete

Why choose us

Free Quotations

We offer FREE no obligation quotations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a site visit.

In house Structural Engineer

Our fully qualified in house Structural Engineer will quickly and efficiently assess all projects and help with any queries. Our engineer has ppi indemnity for all designs.

Dedicated Site Manager

Every project has a dedicated site manager to ensure the projects are delivered on time and on budget and answer any of your questions.

Cost effective Foundations

Piling and Underpinning

Specialists will work with you to achieve the results within your budget without cutting any corners.

Got some ideas for a project?

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